Destroy Your Life For Capitalism EP

by G.O.D. (Grotesque Organ Defilement)

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Released by EveryDayHate, Grindfather Productions, Septic Aroma Of Reeking Stench, Addiction To War Records, and Cataleptic Remains Prod.

Recorded April 2011, mixed/mastered May 2013.


released August 11, 2014

Riley - Guitar, Vocals
Danargh - Bass, Vocals
Leezus - Drums

Artwork by Corey Smith.



all rights reserved


G.O.D. (Grotesque Organ Defilement)

Grind/gore of Peterborough, Ontario.

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Track Name: Welcome To Seaworld
When you take their life into your hands
you shouldn't be surprised
When they take your life into their mouth

The seaworld market creates
a demand of dolphins and whales
sustaining their slaughter in Japan!

You thought you could tame the beast
Training them in a zoo
Well maybe they won't take this shit
It's not what they want to do

The seaworld market creates
a demand of dolphins and whales
sustaining their slaughter in Japan!

Any whales left surviving
is money flushed down the toilet
Capitalist profit at the expense of their life
All for some fun with the kids and the wife

So happy to see the whales' revenge!
Track Name: Fried In The Fryer
What's the reason that when you fry in grease
Boring food tastes so fuckin sweet

Spring rolls, tofu, onion rings and french fries

Make tempura, coat some veg, you're in for good time

Fried in the fryer, the cooking is intense
You'll feel like shit after but you'll have no regrets
Track Name: Apathy Is Pathology
Brainwashed into thinking
That the only things that matter
Pertain strictly to 'your own kind'
Others' needs – nothing to you

Consumerist mentality
Cements your shallow hope and dreams
Keeping you from realizing
Your role in maintaining oppression

Minds are shaped to be this way
Easily controlled when apathetic

Detrimental to your health
Heal yourself from this sickness

Your apathy is pathology!
Track Name: As The Shit Fills Your Lungs
No oil or no fresh air and no future for the kids

Life is like an oil drum, claustrophobic
sealed tightly and full of shit you never wanted
As heat builds it may explode, sending symbols
OF The horror it surrounds blasting outward

Apocalypse is here you will see
What disasters await us in this century?
As the shit fills your lungs you stop and think
Changes are needed but they say "NO!"
Track Name: Destroy Your Life For Capitalism
On the job or in the war
Destroy your life, destroy your life
There is nothing they want more
Destroy your life, destroy your life

On the job or in the war
There is nothing they want more
Indoctrinated to believe
Subordinated to their need

Destroy your life for capitalism!!
Track Name: Dehumanized
Sidelined within this system
Your born to make their money
Increased corporate control
You're self worth is denied

Low wage labour maintains
their means of exploitation
Punished by the state for being affected!

Globalization? Fuck off!

War system kills, innocent slaughtered,
systematic rape, species extinction
people starving or poisoned by food,
environmental destruction, the planet is doomed

Direct struggle is the only way
to stop this course of action
Confrontation with the state
resistance to all forms of oppression